Journal Transition to Open Access workshops

A study into the process of transition from a toll access scientific journal to an open access journal.

13 May 2009 - 21 September 2011,  00:00 - 00:00,  Bonn, Germany & Tallinn, Estonia

Best Practices in Journal Transition

13 May 2009: Bonn, Germany

Electronic publications play an increasingly prominent role in all fields of research. However, especially in the humanities and the social sciences there are still numerous journals which appear only in print. Although publishers and editors might have an interest in transforming their journals into digital formats, they shy back from the perceived risks of transformation. 

The goal of this workshop was to discuss a set of recommendations on how the transformation from printed to electronic Journals, as well as from electronic into open access might well succeed. In the workshop editors of journals that have made a successful transition shared their experiences with interested peers.

Nine case studies of journals which had made the transition from print to digital presented their findings. These were cases from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

The agenda from the workshop is available to download below.

Scholarly Society Journals in Transition to Open Access

21 September 2011; Tallinn, Estonia

This workshop was held in conjunction with the Conference of the Open Access Publishers Association (COASP) 2011. 

Workshop objectives:

  • to describe Knowledge Exchange (KE) and its current initiative in relation to assisting scholarly societies in transitioning their journals to open access
  • to listen to the experience of OASPA members, the Public Knowledge Project and other organisations in supporting the transition to open access
  • to identify good practice in existing business models for scholarly society journals, particularly in relation to sustainability and the achievement of benefits to the scholarly community
  • to discuss further actions Knowledge Exchange might take in collaboration with other organisations to support scholarly societies in a transition to open access.

Knowledge Exchange and OASPA are very grateful to Astrid van Wesenbeeck, SPARC Europe Director, for her help in setting up this workshop.

The report from this workshop is available for download.

Key findings / outcome report download

Scholarly Society Journals in Transition to Open Access
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21 September 2011

Scholarly Society Journals in Transition to Open Access

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