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Knowledge Exchange is a co-operative effort that supports the use and development of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) infrastructure for higher education and research.


The Knowledge Exchange partners are:

The Knowledge Exchange partners express a common vision based on our five national strategies:


'To make a layer of scholarly and scientific content openly available on the Internet.'


Making this vision a reality means creating the building blocks for a European information environment that is

outstanding in its support of research and higher education, bringing Europe together while extending the

reach of European research and teaching around the globe.  The partners work together on activities in the field of Open Access, Research Data, Research Tools and Technologies and Interoperability Standards.





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Sowing the seed - incentives and motivations for sharing research data, a researcher's perspective 

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KE re-published study 'Incentives and Motivations for Sharing Research Data, a researcher's perspective
A Snapshot of Digitisation and OCR development
Call for Bids: Evaluation and advice on questionnaire around funding research data infrastructure
Now available: Use Cases and Recommendations - How Research Tools are of Value to Research
Knowledge Exchange Annual Plan 2014 published
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Open Access Week 2015
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