The Evolving Preprint Landscape

Knowledge Exchange work on preprints kicks off with an Introductory paper on the evolving preprint landscape.

1 January 2018 - 31 December 2018,  00:00 - 00:00, 

The rapid development and impact of preprints has become a focus for work by Knowledge Exchange as part of our interest in Open Access and Open Scholarship.

As a first outcome, the KE Task & Finish group on preprints issued a public document ‘The evolving preprint landscape'. This introductory report, authored by Jon Tennant with contributions from a number of experts, provides a brief history of preprints, definitions (preprints, post-prints, version of record. e-Print) and describes the purpose and the current state of preprints in the research landscape. Chapters are dedicated to policy developments and possible future trends and describe gaps in the present system, stakeholders groups and business models.

In the coming period the Task & Finish group, consisting of experts from the KE partner countries, will explore in more depth the status of preprints in current research practice, i.e. the uptake of use and reasons for researchers to make use of preprint services as well as the potential impact of preprint to the research process. Beside views and experiences of researchers, the views of stakeholders such as pre-print service providers and funders will be collected. This work is seen as a necessary step towards highlighting best practices and developing guidelines for researchers, research funders and preprint service providers.

The ‘Evolving preprints landscape' report a first outcome to be followed by more - is about preprints, and published as a preprint itself on BITTS, the Berkely Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences. We encourage you to share the report and let us know your comments. 

The increasingly widespread, and strategic, adoption of preprints (and preprint servers) has the potential to dramatically impact the diffusion of research

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The evolving preprint landscape: Introductory report for the Knowledge Exchange working group on preprints
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21 May 2018

The evolving preprint landscape: Introductory report for the Knowledge Exchange working group on preprints

Purpose: Report, DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/796TU

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