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Knowledge Exchange Newsletter October 2022

Our latest newsletter including updates on Alternative Publishing Platforms, FAIR Data and Software and much more!

Knowledge Exchange Newsletter December 2021

Our latest newsletter including updates on our work around publishing reproducible research outputs, PIDs: Risks & Trust and much more!

Knowledge Exchange on the support of research infrastructure

In September 2018, experts from the KE Partner Organisations shared knowledge on the support of the use of research infrastructure in different European countries.

New KE Newsletter December 2016

Our latest newsletter, including information on new KE partner CNRS, our work around Open Scholarship and our recommendations for a repository for RDM training materials

New KE Newsletter March 2016

Our latest newsletter, with reports on Research Software Sustainability, Open Access Policy Dependency and Researcher Identifiers.

KE report on Research Software Sustainability

The adoption of software has led to significant advances in research. But if we do not change our research practices, the continued rise in software use will be accompanied by a rise in retractions. Ultimately, anyone who is concerned about the reliability and reproducibility of research should be concerned about software sustainability.

New Report - Researcher Identifiers: National approaches to ORCID and ISNI implementation

Following our workshop in June 2015, Knowledge Exchange have released a report addressing the challenges and possible solutions around implementation of researcher identifiers