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How can you increase reproducibility practices in your institution?

How can you increase reproducibility practices in your institution?

26 March 2024

Reproducibility. Ensuring the same research results can be reached and reliably built upon time and time again, stimulating and advancing research. It is vital for ensuring that research results are correct and reliable. How can reproducibility be enhanced in research institutions and who are the stakeholders involved? This report delves into both and provides a framework for progressing reproducibility practices.

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Reflecting on 2023

As 2023 is rapidly drawing to a close, we reflect on what has been a very busy and productive year with much to celebrate. Here are just some of the key achievements that we would like to share.

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Alternative publishing platforms. What have we learnt?

Different alternative scholarly publishing platforms have appeared over recent years. But what are their pros and cons? Do they differ significantly from traditional scholarly journals? To better understand what individual alternative publishing platforms do and how they fit in the open scholarly communication ecosystem, Knowledge Exchange invited platforms working in open access publishing to contribute to a survey. We now have the first results. What have we learnt?

We are hiring for a Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

Our long-serving Knowledge Exchange Coordinator will be retiring at the end of the summer and we are now on the look-out for his successor. This is an exciting full time role where you will oversee all Knowledge Exchange partnership activities and operations, financial performance, communication and internal and external relations.

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