Take our survey and share your thoughts on practices that support reproducible research

11 May 2023
FDSR web 2

Are you interested in practices that support scaling of research reproducibility? Then Knowledge Exchange invites you to answer this survey conducted by Dr Michelle Barker and Prof. Neil Chue Hong. Your contribution is valuable in helping us understand what types of practices assist individual researchers and managers to scale up practices that improve research reproducibility.

This Knowledge Exchange survey focuses on researchers and managers in European research performing organisations, for example universities and research laboratories. The survey is aimed at personnel whose role potentially includes the practice and/or support of research reproducibility in any of the following categories:

  • Researchers and research support staff - For example, Research Assistant, PhD student, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Senior Lecturer, Professors, Data Stewards, Research Software Engineer, Data Librarian, Technician, Research Officer, Data Scientist, Academic Librarian and so on.
  • Managers of academic/research areas - For example, Dean, Head of Department among others.
  • Managers of research support/infrastructure areas - For example, Manager/Director/Group Leader of areas such as IT Services, Technology Transfer Office, Research Office, Library Services, Research Computing and the like.

As part of its work on open science, Knowledge Exchange is exploring how the practice of conducting research in a reproducible way can be scaled up from pioneers to the majority of researchers. If you are interested in finding out more about this work, further information is availableĀ here.

Click here to take the survey.