Main Drivers for Successful Re-use of Research Data

A workshop to discuss the main drivers for successful re-use of research data.

23 September 2009 - 24 September 2009,  00:00 - 00:00,  Berlin, Germany

The main focus of the workshop was on the benefits, challenges and obstacles of re-using data from a researcher's perspective. The use cases presented by researchers from a variety of disciplines were supplemented by two key notes and selected presentations by specialists from infrastructure institutions, publishers, and funding bodies on national and European level.

Researchers' perspectives

The workshop provided a critical evaluation of what lessons have been learned on sharing and re-using research data from a researcher's perspective and what actions might be taken on to still improve the successful re-use. Despite the individual differences characterising the diverse disciplines it became clear that important issues are comparable.

Combine forces to support re-use and sharing of data

Apart from several technical challenges such as metadata exchange standards and quality assurance it was obvious that the most important obstacles to re-using research data more efficiently are socially determined. It was agreed that in order to overcome this problem more efforts should be made to rise awareness and combine forces to support re-using and sharing of research data on all levels (researchers, institutions, publishers, funders, governments).

Workshop and events

Programme: 23 & 24 September 2009

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Main Drivers for Successful Re-use of Research Data
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24 September 2009

Main Drivers for Successful Re-use of Research Data

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