Our Structure

Strategy Forum

The central event in the process of setting up the strategy of the Knowledge Exchange is the Strategy Forum. Once a year it brings together the leadership from the six funding organisations with the aim of refining the shared vision and finding common and strategically important issues to tackle in the coming years.

At the Strategy Forum partners exchange, analyse and compare partner strategies, and identify issues to work on collectively and increase their impact on national and international developments.

The Knowledge Exchange Steering Group

The Knowledge Exchange Steering Group (KESG) consists of six senior managers, one from each of the partner organisations. The Group oversee activities taking place in Knowledge Exchange.

The Steering group members are:

maijastiina_small (1)

Maijastiina Arvola

Development Manager, Project Acquisition and Development

CSC, Finland



Serge Bauin

Special Adviser on Open Science

CNRS, France


Anders Conrad

Anders Conrad

Head of Data Management and Storage

DeiC, Denmark



Kathrin Winkler

Scientific Library Services and Information Systems

DFG, Germany



Chris Keene

Head of library and scholarly futures, 

Jisc, United Kingdom 



John Doove

Programme manager Open Access SURFmarket

SURF, The Netherlands


The Knowledge Exchange Group

A representative from each of the Knowledge Exchange partner organisations make up the Knowledge Exchange Group (KEG), which is the central body responsible for helping Knowledge Exchange reach its goals.

The Partner Representatives initiate and direct Knowledge Exchange activities. They identify issues to be addressed and decide on the initial steps to be taken in facilitating contact between the experts on a given issue within the communities in the partner countries.

The Knowledge Exchange Group members are:


Josefine Nordling

Project Coordinator

CSC, Finland



Jean-François Nominé

Translator, INIST

CNRS, France



Anna Mette Morthorst

Special Consultant 

DeiC, Denmark



Juliane Kant

Scientific Library Services and Information Systems

DFG, Germany


Frank Manista 2020

Frank Manista

European Open Science Manager

Jisc, United Kingdom



Karin van Grieken

Senior Project Manager

SURF, The Netherlands


Expert and Advisory Groups

We bring together experts from each of our partner organisations and also from elsewhere when appropriate to identify urgent challenges and promising opportunities in their fields of expertise. This informs the decision-making of all partner organisations.

Knowledge Exchange's current focus is on Open Access and Open Scholarship.

For Open Access we have an expert group in place, to identify issues and propose actions for Knowledge Exchange and propose activities to deploy such as studies, workshops or other approaches. We involve experts from the wider research community and expert consultants as necessary. More on the Open Access expert group and their work can be found here.

In 2017 an Advisory Group was established to help scope KE's involvement in Open Scholarship. This group of leading experts, the so-called KE Open Scholarship Advisory Group (KEOSAG) completed their work in 2018. In 2019 we will start setting-up the Open Scholarship expert group.

The Knowledge Exchange Office

The Knowledge Exchange office is located at the Jisc offices in Bristol, United Kingdom and co-ordinates activities, logistics, communications and provides administrative support.

The members of the Office are:


Bas Cordewener

Knowledge Exchange Coordinator,

Knowledge Exchange Office



Sarah James

Project & Administration Officer

Knowledge Exchange Office


A collaboration between

  • dfg
  • csc-it center for science
  • jisc
  • cnrs
  • surf
  • deic