Price of Keeping Knowledge workshop

A workshop with Experts to discuss pricing models for digital preservation, as part of the IDCC 2013 Conference

17 January 2013 - 17 January 2013,  00:00 - 00:00,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Financial Streams for Digital Preservation workshop

In contrast to cost modeling activities, the pricing of services must be simple and transparent. Calculating and thus knowing price structures, would not only help identify the level of detail required for cost modeling of individual institutions, but also help develop a "public" market for services as well as clarify the division of task and the modeling of funding and revenue streams for data preservation of public institutions.

This workshop has built on the results from the workshop "The Costs and Benefits of Keeping Knowledge" which took place 11 June 2012 in Copenhagen. This expert workshop was aimed at:

  • Identifying ways for data repositories to abstract from their complicated cost structures and arrive at one transparent pricing structure which can be aligned with available and plausible funding schemes. Those repositories will probably need a stable institutional funding stream for data management and preservation. Are there any estimates for this, absolute or as percentage of overall cost? Part of the revenue will probably have to come through data management fees upon ingest. How could that be priced? Per dataset, per GB or as a percentage of research cost? Will it be necessary to charge access prices, as they contradict the open science paradigm?
  • What are the price components for pricing individual services, which prices are currently being paid e.g. to commercial providers? What are the description and conditions of the service(s) delivered and guaranteed?
  • What types of risks are inherent in these pricing schemes?
  • How can services and prices be defined in an all-inclusive and simple manner, so as to enable researchers to apply for specific amount when asking for funding of data-intensive projects?

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KE Workshop Report: Price of keeping knowledge: financial streams for digital preservation
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17 January 2013

KE Workshop Report: Price of keeping knowledge: financial streams for digital preservation

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