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We work to contribute to the establishment and enhancement of a well functioning Open Scholarship eco-system

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Knowledge Exchange aims to take on activities that make a difference.Our ambition is to support the partner organisations to perform better and contribute to the establishment and enhancement of a well-functioning Open Scholarship eco-system. We decided to use the term Open Scholarship instead of Open Science as it is more inclusive towards the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Following the development of the KE OS framework (2017) and the publication ‘Moving from ambition to reality' (2018), KE's work was first focused on the economic arena of Open Scholarship and experts have worked on the following three activities:

In early 2020, we formed the Open Scholarship Expert Group. In this group, we share knowledge, address emerging issues, and focus on joint development within the area of Open Scholarship / Open Science. We will work on the following new topics:

  • PID's: Risks and Trust
  • FAIR data and software supporting reproducibilty

You can find out more about the Open Scholarship Expert group at the bottom of this page.


 Josefine  Nordling

Josefine Nordling


 Juliane  Kant

Juliane Kant



Studies, Workshops and Events

Introducing the Open Scholarship...

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Knowledge Exchange Openness Profile

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Insights into the Economy of...

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Open Scholarship and the Need...

The Knowledge Exchange book 'Open Scholarship and the Need for Collective Action' aims to build...

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Moving from ambition to reality:...

Knowledge Exchange’s latest report “Moving from ambition to reality” serves as an account...

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Open Scholarship Framework

Knowledge Exchange experts devised a framework that maps considerations for Open Scholarship...

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KE Approach to Open Scholarship

Our report on Open Scholarship offers a framework for the work of Knowledge Exchange as well as...

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Pathways to Open Scholarship

An exploration of the use of digital technology for research and higher education, to celebrate...

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The Open Scholarship Expert Group

The Open Scholarship Expert Group was formed in early 2020 and consists of representatives from both KE partner organisations and strategic stakeholders from across the KE partner countries.

Members of our Open Scholarship Expert Group are:


A collaboration between

  • dfg
  • csc-it center for science
  • jisc
  • cnrs
  • surf
  • deic