Workshop: 'The Costs and Benefits of Keeping Knowledge: economic models for digital preservation'


Organised by Knowledge Exchange  & the Nordbib programme 

11 June 2012, 8:30-12:30, Copenhagen

Adjacent to the Nordbib conference 'Structural frameworks for open, digital research'



Participants in break out discussion during the workshop on cost modelsThe Knowledge Exchange and the Nordbib programme organised a workshop on cost models for the preservation and management of digital collections. The rapid growth of the digital information which a wide range of institutions must preserve emphasizes the need for robust cost modelling. Such models should enable these institutions to assess both what resources are needed to sustain their digital preservation activities and allow comparisons of different preservation solutions in order to select the most cost-efficient alternative. In order to justify the costs institutions also need to describe the expected benefits of preserving digital information.


This workshop provided an overview of existing models and demonstrated the functionality of some of the current cost tools. It considered the specific economic challenges with regard to the preservation of research data and addressed the benefits of investing in the preservation of digital information. Finally, the workshop discussed international collaboration on cost models.


The aim of the workshop was to facilitate understanding of the economies of data preservation and to discuss the value of developing an international benchmarking model for the costs and benefits of digital preservation.


The workshop took place in the Danish Agency for Culture and was planned directly prior to the Nordbib conference 'Structural frameworks  for open, digital research'


See the report, photographspresentations and the list of participants






A full report on the workshop is available here for download.


Blog posting

A blog posting on the  workshop can be found on the Open Planets Foundation website.


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