Persistent Identifier Studies


Knowledge Exchange has commissioned three studies which have investigated whether a URN:NBN based system could offer a feasible architecture to resolve Persistent Identifiers to materials on the web.

The studies have aimed to overcome the confusing variety of existing persistent identifier systems, by analysing the current national URN:NBN and other identifier initiatives; by providing guidelines for an international harmonized persistent identifier framework that serves the long-term preservation needs of the research and cultural heritage communities, and advise these communities about a roadmap to gain the potential benefits. This roadmap also includes a blueprint for an organisation for the distribution and maintenance of the Persistent Identifier infrastructure.


PersId project logoThese studies are connected to the broader PersId project with DEFF, SURF, DANS, the national libraries of Germany, Finland and Sweden and CNR and FDR from Italy. A number of organisations have been involved in the process: Europeana, the British library, the Dutch Royal Library, the National library of Norway and the Ministry of Education, Flanders, Belgium.


Persistent Identifier Infrrastructure - Click to enlarge


Please note that there are also two broader reports on the project as a whole: PersID - I: Project report  and II: Communication.


For further information please visit the website of the Persistent Identifier project at:


If you have any further questions please contact Bas Cordewener, SURF, or the Knowledge Exchange office.

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