Knowledge Exchange letter to EU Commission on scientific information in the digital age


In September 2008 Knowledge Exchange sent a letter to European Commission with the purpose of informing about the work of Knowledge Exchange and to set up a list of recommendations for future developments with in the field of Open Access. Through these recommendations Knowledge Exchange encouraged the Commission to continue its efforts to help achieve public access to the findings of publicly-funded research.


Positive response from Commissioner Janez Potocnik
Knowledge Exchange received a response from Commissioner Janez Potocnik which acknowledges the work of Knowledge Exchange as impressive and as an evidence of the high activity amongst the stakeholders in the area of scientific information.


The Commissioner refers to a number of activities which are already underway:

• An Open Access Pilot within FP7 on providing open access to a repository with articles resulting from FP7 projects
• Encouragement of grant recipients to consider the question of open access when submitting articles for publication
• Reimbursement of open access publishing fees
• Support of capacity-building in the area of access to scientific information by funding infrastructure projects
• Plans of engaging more closely with Member States and mobilising them to develop common policies in the area of access to scientific information.


Janez Potocnik concludes by thanking Knowledge Exchange for the interest and suggestions and welcomes “continued collaboration with the Commission in order to enhance access to publicly funded research results.”

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