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Effective and efficient research and knowledge infrastructures depend on the availability of good research data. Open access to research data is the basis for innovative and efficient science and will play an ever increasing role in the future of academic and scholarly communication. Accordingly, a key aim for the Knowledge Exchange initiative is to promote and coordinate efforts in order to make substantially more research data available and re-usable in the public domain. Knowledge Exchange has a core interest in developing solutions that help to get more research data openly available and re-usable in a sustainable way.

Closely connected to this is an ambition to develop and publish common recommendations from the perspectives of the partners addressing decision makers on national and European levels. On the background of the activities in 2009 and 2010 the working group will initiate and realise projects and activities to raise awareness of the most urgent issues to be worked on and to be solved, with specific attention to the international perspective and in close contact with the research community. The contact and dialogue with other initiatives in Europe are explicitly included. The appropriate means to achieve this overall goal will include workshops, discussion and information events, commissioned studies, reports and position papers.


More information on the focus of work and members of the Research Data expert group can be found here.


Workshop "Main Drivers for Successful Re-use of Research Data"
In September 2009 the workshop "Main Drivers for Successful Re-use of Research Data" was held in Berlin. The workshop brought together typical use cases and helped to define best practices for a sustainable and useful safeguarding of research data from a practical perspective.
Comparative report on the legal status of research data in the four KE partner countries
Knowledge Exchange has commissioned a comparative report on the legal status of research data in the four partner countries. The report provides a status quo description of the European and national legislation and serves as a practical instrument to develop means to support improved access for research purposes.


Report "A Surfboard for 'Riding the Wave' - Towards a four country programme on Research Data"
The Research Data Working Group has issued a report which builds on the report "Riding the Wave – How Europe can gain from the rising tide of scientific data”, published by the High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data in October 2010. The report bears the title "A Surfboard for 'Riding the Wave'" and presents an overview of the present situation with regard to research data in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and offers broad outlines for a possible action programme for the four countries in realising the envisaged collaborative data infrastructure.


Workshop "Research Data Management: Activities and Challenges"
The Research Data Working Group facilitated a workshop to highlight current activities and challenges with respect to research data management in the four partner countries and beyond. The workshop brought together experts from data centres, libraries, computational centres, funding organisations, publishing services and other institutions in the field of research and higher education who are working to improve research data management and encourage effective re-use of research data. A considerable part of the programme was dedicated to sharing perspectives from these communities, leading to the development of a roadmap of practical actions for the Knowledge Exchange initiative, partner organisations and other stakeholders to progress over the next two years. The workshop took place in Bonn on 14-15 November 2011.


Workshop on cost models for preserving research results including data
Knowledge Exchange will be organising a workshop which will provide an overview of existing models and demonstrate the functionality of some of the current cost tools. It will consider the specific economic challenges with regard to the preservation of research data and address the benefits of investing in the preservation of digital information


Research Data Expert Group
The members of the Research Data Expert Group are representatives from both Knowledge Exchange partner organisations and strategic stakeholders from the scientific infrastructure communities in the four countries.
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