Publishers continue to play an important role in evaluating and distributing secondary literature. The partner organisations currently use different models and strategies for the procurement of digital content on a national level. Within the context of licensing, Knowledge Exchange partners have explored interaction on various levels.


Multinational tender
An initial meeting in Bonn on 11 July 2006 created a framework for testing multinational licensing. In a second meeting, involving national licensing experts from the four countries, held in Berlin on 11 September 2006, the participants decided that a joint multinational tender would move the Bonn agenda forward while minimising many of the risks involved. The first stage of the pilot tender process began to take form in early 2007.

On 14 February 2007 Knowledge Exchange issued a Request for Information, starting the first round of the European Union tender process known as a ”competitive dialogue”. The second round of the tender process, a Request for Proposals began in July 2007. Once the proposals were received and the selection process completed, libraries associated with the four partner organisations were able to opt in or opt out during the fall and winter of 2007.  The offers ran from 2009 until 2011. The exception was the Wiley offer which was extended until August 2012. The results of the tender have been evaluated.

National Licensing Workshop

On 19 and 20 February 2007, Knowledge Exchange held a National Licensing Workshop in Copenhagen where fourty experts were invited to discuss various aspects of licensing agreements, negotiation and administration. A benchmarking study concerning licensing methods was also initiated in order to build a common overview of licensed content.


Workshop on Sustainable Access to Publications

In September 2009, Knowledge Exchange organised a workshop in Edinburgh focusing on Sustainable Access to Publications and long term preservation of publications. There were discussions on the costs and economics of long term preservation, the difference between archival rights, post cancellation access and perpetual access.


Expert group

A Knowledge Exchange expert group was involved with licensing and benchmarking issues. Read more about the Licensing Expert Group.


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